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June 28, 2012
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Khajjit in Mobius Season 1 Episode 1: The New Mobian in Town.

Witten By Aaron Weyl & Recce Wooldridge

(Sonic Advance: Angel Island Zone Act 1 BGM)

at Sir Charles house in golden city called Mobotroplis.

Young Sonic was calling his Uncle named Chuck.

Sonic: "hey uncle chuck!"

Charles: "Hi sonny boy, how are things with Sally?"

Sonic: "Oh, pretty good and fast."

Charles: "hehehehe that's want i to hear, but for now its time for you go to school."

Sonic: "Oh great, school. Still, I'll get ready."

So with that, he went off to get ready.

Uncle Chuck: "heehehehe oh Sonny Boy.." (he said when he giggle)

Sonic then returned, all ready for school.

Sonic: "yes Unc?"

Charles: "You ready now?"

Sonic: "Yes I am."

Charles: "Okay, lets get going."

Sonic: "okay Unc."

With that, they head to the school.

meanwhile at Mobotroplis School.

(Sonic Advance: Neo Green Hill Zone Act 2)

Everyone was getting ready for class.

Young Sally, Young Antione, Young Nicole & Young Rotor are getting their pencils.

Sally: "I wonder where Sonic is?"

Nicole: "maybe he forgot or something."

Antoine: "Or he has turned to skiving."

Sally: "maybe.."

Then the teacher arrived.

Teacher: "alright class let's take our seats."

Sally: "But miss, Sonic isn't here yet."

Teacher: "oh is he?"

Sally: "yes."

Then Sonic turns up.

Sonic: "hi miss sorry i was late.."

Teacher: "I'll let you off, Sonic."

Sonic: "awwwww why!?"

Teacher: "I meant your not in trouble."

Sonic: "oh?"

Teacher: "yes Sonic."

Sonic: "Right."

Teacher: "Now take your seat."

Sonic: "okay."

and so he takes a seat.

He sits next to Sally and Antoine.

Sally: "hi Sonic." (she smiled)

Sonic: "Oh, hi there Sal."

Antoine: "Bonjour Soneek."

Sonic: "hi Ant."

Antoine: "Ready for class?"

Sonic: "sure i'm Ant."

(Sonic Advance 3: Menu BGM)

Teacher: "Okay class, get your books out."

Everyboby: "okay."

They got out their books and pencils.

Teacher: "now before you write it i'm going to reintroduce a new student in our class."

Nicole: "Oh cool, let's see him."

Teacher: "alright class here it is the new student."

Then he enters.

and it turns out it's a grey Khajjit kitten with his roman like Scott outfit and his blonde

hair named Dark Cat (his real name is Dinicilis)

Dark: "Hello."

Teacher: "alright class this is new student."

Dark looks shy as he sees them.

Teacher: "so young man tell us your name?"

Dark: "My name is Dark Cat."

Teacher: "hmmm that name was too dark for them but anyways so class say hello to Dark Cat."

Everyone: "Hello Dark Cat."

Nicole smiles at him.

Dark Cat: "huh?"

Nicole: "Wanna sit next to me?"

Dark: "uhhhh sure?"

He takes a seat next to Nicole.

Nicole: (smiles)

Dark: (smiles)

Teacher: "alright class let's get start it."

Sonic: "What are we doing today?"

Teacher: "Maths."

Everyone: "awwww..."

Teacher: "Now now, we have to do this."

Everyone: "yes miss."

and so they start to work.

Teacher: "Okay, what's 10+10?"

then Nicole's hand are up.

Teacher: "yes Nicole?"

Nicole: "10+10 equals 20."

Teacher: "very good Nicole."

Sally: "Your smart, Nicole."

Nicole: "i know hehehehee it's thanks to my dad."

Dark: "Really?"

Nicole: yup, he's was the smartest scientist in Mobius."

Dark: "That sounds really cool."

Nicole: "Thanks."

Dark: "your welcome."

(Sonic Advance 2: Leaf Forest Zone Act 1 BGM)

Soon, class ended and the kids played in the playground.

Sonic/Antione/Rotor are playing hide and seek.

Antoine: "Heh, Rotor won't find me."

Rotor: "oh yes i can!"

Antoine jumps as Rotor finds him.

Rotor: "hey!"

Antoine: Ahhhh!

He ran while Rotor chased him.

meanwhile at the right beside the tree.

Nicole was reading a book.

Nicole: "Wow, this is cool."

then she turns to pages and it tells about Art & Nanites.

Nicole: "This is interesting."

Dark: "it sure was."

he said when he's appear.

Nicole: "Oh, hello there Dark."

Dark: "hi there what's your reading?"

Nicole: "Arts and Nanites."

Dark: "cool."

Nicole: "Yep. Wanna read it?"

Dark: "sure uhhhh..."

He sits next to her and reads it.

Dark: "hmmmm Art eh?"

Nicole: "Yep."

Dark: (smiles) "so i guess you know my name right?"

Nicole: "Yep, it's Dark Cat."

Dark: "cool, and you are?"

Nicole: "My name is Nicole."

Dark: "cool, nice to meet you Nicole."

Nicole: "Yep."

Dark: (smiles)

Nicole smiles.

Dark: (smiles)

then he begin to climb a tree with his claws in his hands and feet.

Nicole: "You gonna be alright?"

Dark: "don't worry Nicole i'll be alright besides i'm a very good Climber."

Nicole: "Okay."

Dark: "yup."

Then he nearly slips.

Dark: "oops.."

Then another teacher came along.

Teacher: "Dark Cat, come down!"

Dark: "but but.."

Teacher: "no buts Cat boy come down!"

Dark: (sigh) "Okay."

He gets down.

Teacher: "well you will not allowed to climb this tree."

Dark: "but i love climbing..."

Teacher: "That one is too high. Go on the smaller ones."

Dark: "okay...."

The teacher then goes. Nicole winks at Dark, who climbs the tree again.

Dark: (smiles)

Dark: "Thanks Nicole."

Nicole: (giggles) "your welcome, i like your skills."

Dark: "Awwww (blushes) thanks."

Nicole: (giggles) "your welcome blondey."

Dark: "Right."

Nicole (smiles)

then the 2 Bullies appears and saw a blonde hair Khajjit in the tree.

(Sonic Advance 2: Boss Theme BGM)

Bully 1: "Hey look at that idiot!"

Bully 2: "yeah, that grey kitty has a very gay blonde hair!"

Nicole: "Why don't you shut your mouth, you fat pig."

Bully #1: "you think so lynx?"

then he glabs her hair very hard.

Nicole: "OW!"

Dark sees this and gets angry. He jumps onto the bully and scratches his face hard.

Bully 1: "AGH! "you bad kitty!"

Dark: "Leave her alone you big meanie!"

Bully #1: "or what kitty?"

Dark: "This!"

He begins to scratch his eye.

Bully 1: AGH! HELP ME!

Dark: (cougar kittens growls)

The second bully steps in.

Bully 2: "came here kitty kitty."

Dark: "Alright!"

Then he makes the first bully ram into the second bully.

Bullies: "AGH!"

Dark: "now leave her alone please or else."

The bullies run away, scared.

Bullies: "MOMMY!"

Dark helps Nicole up.

(Sonic Advance 3: True Ending BGM)

Dark: "You okay?"

Nicole: "i'm feel okay thanks Dark you are a great friend."

then she hugs and kisses him in the cheek.

Dark: (blushes) "Oh, uh, no problem Nicole."

Nicole: (giggles)

then Sonic/Antione/Rotor/Sally appears.

Sonic: "Hi guys, nice to see ya getting along."

Dark: "yeah and she nearing kiss me.."

Nicole: Yes I did.

Sonic/Sally/Antione/Rotor: "awwww.."

Sally: "ohh i guess you like him do you Nicole?"

Nicole: "Yeah.." (blushes)

then Sonic starts to tease Nicole.

Sonic: ha Nicole really love Dark." (he said he giggles)

Nicole: "Oh stop it, Sonic!"

Sonic: "oh come on Nicole i was only joking around.."

Nicole: "Okay, Sonic."

Sonic: "yup."

then Antione notices Dark's hair was a same color as his.

Antoine: Hey, your hair is blonde, like mine.

Dark: "yeah you and me had alot in common eh?"

Antione: "yup."

Then playtime was over.

Teacher: "alright class back to class."

With that, they went back inside.

Sonic, Rotor, Sally, Chuck and Nicole (c) SEGA/DIC/Sonic Team

Scene Pic: ([link]) by :iconmastergamer19:

(UPDATE: 26th April 2013)
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