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Sky_ID_Stats_Meme by Sky-The-Echidna

:wow: this is looking amazing Mel i mean it looks great i really like how you use the Blank Meme and use your FC Sky at the same time ^^ =D ...

Random Sky Sketches 02 by Sky-The-Echidna

:aww: this is very very very cute sketches just like every sketches you draw which are already amazing :) =D i like how you draw Sonic and Sh...

Random Sky Sketches 01 by Sky-The-Echidna

wow very nice sketches Mel i like it and look at Sonic's face :lol: he looks like he was in love with her =D =D :lol: i also like how Sky was sho...

Sky's Origins- Page 04 by Sky-The-Echidna

:aww: this is very cute scene :) i love how Sonic was being nice to Sky just like they did to Sally in the comics and tv show SATAM and also...




Razor The Shark by DarkCatTheKhajjit
Razor The Shark
Alright guys, here's the fanart of Razor the Shark from Archie's Sonic (Reboot) =D

And I have to say he's looks really unquie since we haven't seen the shark in the Sonic series before.. :)

He's one of badass looking characters in Archie's Sonic aside from C.Storm, Scourge and Lord Hood =D

So, I hope you like it :)

Razor The Shark (c) Archie Comics
RubenxSora Stamp by DarkCatTheKhajjit
RubenxSora Stamp
Here's the stamp of RubenxSora AKA the cutest fan couple EVER! =D

Ruben/Sora & Art (c) :iconmixedfan8643:
Cat Pumpkin by DarkCatTheKhajjit
Cat Pumpkin
Here's the photo of my Pumpkin and as you see it sure does looked scary doesn't it?

I'm sure it is.. (Not really)

And yes this is my new kitchen looks like by the time I photograth it which it got frinished :)

So, I hope you like it guys :) ^^
Dark Cat Chronicles Season 1 Episode 6: Meet the Judo Jaguar

(Sonic Rush Adventure: A New Venture BGM)

(At the small but nice looking cruise in the Mediterranean sea..)

(We see our felines heroes are having a relaxing day on the cruise ship and they're wearing their fancy casual outfits for a nice trip to nice looking place called "Soleanna", Dark's wearing his grey jumper, his trousers and red shoes with claws on the bottom while Nicole wears her blue shorts, a purple tank top, and a purple hat with a blue band and buckle. Kiara
wears her beautiful blue summer dress with her pink leggings and her cap, she's also wears a pink sunglasses and her shoes with toes, Scott looks the same with his blue shorts, yellow gloves and sandals. apart he wears his vest (which it looks Hawaiian) and Jessica still wears her purple gloves and her sandals but her outfit was different from her normal outfit, she wore her pink crop top without sleeves, she also wore dark blue jeans with a heart bet.)

Nicole: "So, I wonder what we are going Dark?" (She asked)

Dark: "Oh, you see when we get there." ;)

Nicole: (smiles) "Nice."

(Scott and Jessica hold their hands and smiled each other while they looking at the beautiful sea.)

Jessica: (smiles) "Oh, look at the sea Scott, is it beautiful?" =D

Scott: (smiles/grins) "It sure is babe, kind of like you." ;)

Jessica: (giggles/blushes) "Aw, gosh Scott that's very nice of you, thank you." (She smiled as she kisses his cheek.)

(Scott blushes.)

Scott: (blushes) "Oh, uh no problem babe.." ^^;

Jessica: (giggles) "You looked cute when you blushing.." :)

Scott: (Annoyed) "Oh, stop it.."

Jessica: (giggles) "Aw, come on Scott.." ^^;

(Dark and Nicole chuckled at them.)

Nicole: (smiles) "Aww.. They looked cute as couple aren't they?"

Dark: "Heh, they sure do Nics after all they fast friends." =D

Nicole: (smiles) "Yeah."

Dark: (smiles)

(They then listened to the captain from the speaker.)    

Captain: "Attention all passengers, we now here at Soleanna."

Dark: "Well, guys here it is. a nice looking town called Soleanna." =D  

(Scott, Jessica and Karia looked a amazed as they stares at the amazing place of Soleanna.)

Scott/Kiara/Jessica: "Wow.." =D

(Kiara and Jessica take their phones out from their bags and take a photo of the view of Soleanna.)

Kiara: "Oh man.. I can't wait to show my grandparents when I get home." =D

(And so they are now arrived at Soleanna and they then leave the cruise ship.)

(Sonic 06: Soleanna BGM)

Nicole: (amazed) "Wow, it sure does look like a nice looking town." =D

Dark: "I agreed, it does looking nice."

Nicole: (smiles) "Yeah, it should have a nice places we can eat."

Dark: "It should have it after all I'm kind of hungry since we been on the cruise about 40 mins."

Nicole: "I know.. Same here.." (she's said as she feels her stomach)

Dark: "Yeah.." ^^;

(Then Kiara saws the statue of Soleanna's famous icon (Solaris.) and so she asks Jessica to take a photo.)

Kiara: "Hey, Jessica!"

Jessica: "Yeah Kiara?" (She asked)

Kiara: "There's a cool looking statue with a big bird over there and I would you like to take a photo of me and you at the statue?" =D

Jessica: "Oh, sure this should be fun." =D

Kiara: "I know, come on let's do it then" =D

(And so both girls stand there right beside the statue and Kiara gets her phone out while Jessica touches her shoulder, Kiara and Jessica smiles at the phone and snaps the photo."

Kiara: "Whoo, this is looking great!" =D

Jessica: (smiles) "I know right, I can't wait to show what my parents think!" =D

(Dark and Nicole noticed there are three laurgaues on the statue first is English which it says "Welcome to Soleanna. Other one is Italian and Mattee.)

Dark: "Hm, three wonder this place looks nice." (He smiled)

Nicole: (smiles) "Indeed, now shall we go somewhere to eat first?"

Dark: "Oh, good idea Nicole but first we go to.."

(Dark then points to know what they going to do first and so he picks at the Castle.)

Dark: "We now go to the castle to see if there's any interesting to look about and then we might go somewhere to eat."

Nicole: (smiles) "Sure, I don't mind that."

Scott: "This castle should be nice in there." :)

Dark: "I'm sure it will be, let's go."

(And so they head off to the Castle of Solenna, however near at the statue someone's was spying on them heading the castle of Solenna.)

(Sonic Adventure: Event - Past  BGM)

????: (Grins) "Castle of Solenna huh? This should be interesting maybe I shall follow them and then I'll assite ruler or Solenna.."

(He's begins to follow them by walking on foot.)


(Sonic 06: Soleanna BGM)

(Meanwhile at Castle of Solenna..)

(Dark and his friends enter the gate and the bridge to get cross to the castle.)

Scott:  :wow: "Wow, so that's what the castle looks like.."

Dark: "It sure does Kiara.."

(Jessica then noticed the door was open.)

Jessica: "Huh, the door was opened? I thought the doors are supposed to closed when they doing some personal."

Kiara: "Hm, maybe they just open because visitors’ like us allowed us to come in appearetd."

Nicole: "Indeed, maybe we shall go in?"

Dark: "I think we should since the door."

Kiara: "Well, in that case let's get in there then."

(And so they go inside the castle.)

(No Music)

(At the throne room inside the castle there was a judo training going on and two judo champions are getting ready to train, the one on the left was random guard, while on the right it was a Mobian Jaguar who has a red hair and wears a white dress with feather trim, gloves with feather trims,

white evening and feather crown on her hair Princess of Solenna and her name was Elise while the Ruler or Solenna was watching them training who was also a Jaguar expect it was a male and Elise's father with his yellow fur with black spots (Like his daughter), round ears and peach on the inside of them. dark grey muzzle with lighter grey hair and beard. He wears a royal red cape, white robe with gold and red markings, and hold staff with blue crystal.

Gold British-like crown with blue gems on it and his name was Boro AKA Duke of Soleanna.)

Elise: "So, are you ready to start training?"

Random Guard: "I'm ready when you are Princess Elise." =D

Elise: "Glad to hear."

Duke of Soleanna/Elise's father: "Begun!"

(Sonic X: Sonic's Fights BGM)

(And so they begin to fight.)

Random Gurad: "AGH!! (She yelled as he was about to kick her)

(However, Elise droges his attacks and jump kicks him.)

Random Gurad: "OOF!"

(Guard then tries to kick her back but Elise’s blocks the attack.)

Elise: (smirking) "Come on, you have to do better than that."

Random Guard: "Uh... no I was only get start it!"

(He hits the cinder block and sends it flying a few feet across the room. Not very far but good enough.)

Random Guard: "Huh!?"

(However he throws a punch at Elise but she blocks it with ease.)

Random Guard: "What, come on that's not fair!"

Elise: (Grins) "You know what, life is fair!" (She said as she kicks him in the face.)

Random Gurad: "OOF!"

(However, Dark and his friends saws Elise having her Judo training and so they entering the throne room to watch her training and they feel amazed of it.)

Kiara: "Wow, she looks very good at it.."

Jessica: "I know right, she almost as good as Scott's brother.." :wow:

Scott: (blushes) "Oh, thanks.."

Jessica: (giggles)

Scott: (smiles)

(And so they begin to forced watching the Jodo training.)

(Elise then slams him into the ground and throws him off but Guard maranges to get up and continues to punch her.)

Elise: "OOF!"

Random Guard: "Whoo, oh yeah!"

(However, Elise grins at him and then finishes him off by kick him in the stomach.)

Random Guard: (Grunt) "OOF!"

(And then they stop fighting.)

(Sonic 06: Soleanna BGM)

Elise: (smirking) "Meh, nice work but maybe next time you should practice a little more before you become a judo champion." ;)

Random Guard: (Pants) "I'll try, thank you princess."

(And so the Guard leaves and back to his guard dites, Dark and his friend clap hands to her.)

Dark: (smiles) "Well done, Princess of Solenna I presumed.."

Princess Elise: "Indeed, I'm and you are?"

Dark: "My name is Dark Cat the Khajjit and this is my friends. Nicole, Scott, Jessica and Kiara."

Kiara: "Hi there!" =D (She said as she waves at her.)

Princess Elise: (giggles/smiles) "Hee, hee! Hi.."

Dark: "Don't worry she's can be hyper and crazy sometimes.." ^^;

Princess Elise: "Oh, i see.. Still it's nice to meet you all of you." (She smiled)

Dark: (smiles) "Same here."

Princess Elise: "Yeah, so why are you here for. are you some kind of visitors’?"

Dark: "Well.. yeah sort of but we're just saw your amazing judo skills and we just thought that if you could join my team to fight off against the Overlanders."

Princess Elise: "Aw, thank you and sure I would but I have to talk my father first."

Dark: "Okay."

(Duke of Solenna looks at the visitors (Dark, Nicole, Kiara, Scott and Jessica.) to know who they are.)

Duke of Solenna: "Elise, who are these people who visited our castle?"

Princess Elise: "Dad, these are our visitors."

Duke of Solenna: "I see, and they are?"

Princess Elise: "Dad, meet Dark, Nicole, Kiara, Scott and Jessica.

(She then looks at Dark and his friends.)

Princess Elise: (smiles) "And guys this is my father, he's a ruler of Solenna."

Dark: "Nice to meet your   ." ;)

Scott: "I admit you looked cool with your crown." =D

(Duke of Solenna was pleased with Dark and Scott's good responds.)

Duke of Solenna: "Thank you very much, I'm really glad to see visitors like you visiting my castle and Welcome to Solenna." (He smiled)

Dark: (smiles) "Thank you."

Duke of Solenna: "You're welcome."

Princess Elise: "So, father do you think it might be okay if I could leave the castle so that I join with Dark's team to fight since I got a Judo skills?"

Duke of Solenna: "Hm, well we're could discus it at the diffenet room and take your friends with you."

Princess Elise: "Thanks dad. (She then looks at Dark and his friends.) Would you like to have some tea while we can discussed?"

Nicole: "We would like to besides we kinda of hungry after all.."

Kiara: "Me too.." (He said as he feels her stomach)

Scott: "I could say same for me and Jessica.."

Princess Elise: "Oh, okay come on in I'll make you some tea for you." (she smiles)

Dark: "Thank you Princess."

Princess Elise: "You're welcome and it's Elise."

Dark: "Okay then."

(And so they leaving at the throne room and heading the dining room to have a cup of tea, However a spy (which it turns out to be a Overlander) enters the throne room   .)

(Sonic Adventure: Event - Past  BGM)

Overlander Spy: "This must be the throne room.. How lovely." (He grinned)

(Then he looks at the Duke of Solenna (Who was with Dark and the gang.) enters the dining room.)

Overlander Spy: (grins) "And so this is ruler who owns the castle and king of Solenna huh? this should be easy.."

(He then gets his sniper out and runs to upstairs to get a better position so that he can shoot him.)
(Sonic 06: Solenna BGM)

(Meanwhile at dining room..)

(Dark and Nicole are waiting Elise to make a tea for them, while Kiara, Scott and Jessica are having compensation with Duke of Solenna.)

Scott: "So, how long you have been a king for?" (He asked)

Duke of Solenna: "It was quite long time ago years before my daughter born and my wife passed away."

Scott: "Aww, that's sad dude.." :(

Kiara: "What happened?" (She asked)

Duke of Solenna: "I rather not talk about it.."

Kiara: "Okay, sorry to hear that you lose your wife" :(

(Elise then gives Dark and Nicole a tea and then sits down with them.)

Elise: (She looks at Scott, Jessica and Kiara) "Oh, you don't want some tea I made?"

Scott: "Nah, I don't drink too hot for me.."

Jessica: "Same here.. We like cold drinks better."

Kiara: "I sort of like tea but I like fuzzy drinks better though."

Elise: "That's fine with me, I understand."

(She then looks at Dark and Nicole, while Scott, Jessica and Kiara are talking to her father.)

Elise: "So, are you five live around here?"

Nicole: "Not really, Scott and Jessica lived in Hawaii while Kiara was from South Efias I'm from town called  Helena."

Dark: "And I lived the cave at the forest which is right beside the Helena."

Elise: "I see, but why you lived the cave though?"

Dark: "Well, you see I'm hunter you see even though I was born in the village in Canada before it got destroy by the Overlanders and they wipe out my race, not to mention I'm not well adapted to use any technology like weapons and vechies.."

Elise: "Oh gosh that's horrible.."

Dark: "It sure was horrible alright.

Elise: "And are you a lynx or a leopard or both?"

Dark: "I'm both yeah but in really though I belong to race called Khajjits well "Leo-Lynx Khajjit" that is my father was a lynx while my mother was a Khajjit with Leopard like appearance."

Elise: "I see.. What was a Khajjit anyway I never heard of it before."

Dark: "Basically they are a cat like Mobians who used to be exists long time ago right before they all got extinct and I was only one left along with my mother.."

Elise: "Oh dear, sorry to hear that..I'm pretty sure there are some of them left."

Dark: "I hope so Elise, thanks.." (He smiled as he drinks his tea.)

Elise: (smiles) "You're welcome." :)

Elise: "So, what about you Nicole do you lived with someone?" (She asked)

Nicole: "Well I do lived with my family, I got my younger sister." ;)

Elise: "Aw, that's nice." =D

Nicole: "Yeah!" =D

Elise: (smiles) "I wish I would like to have a sister."

Nicole: "Aw, that will be nice...” =D

Elise: "Indeed." =D

Nicole: (smiles)

Elise: "Oh BTW, are you and Dark are couple?"

Nicole: "Oh, we not couple yet. We just friends right Dark?"

Dark: (blushes) "Uh, yeah we are Nicole.." ^^;

Elise: (giggles) "Oh right, I see.."

(However, while they chatting the spy was up at the big stairs tries to use his sniper gun to point his bigger target.)

(Sonic Adventure: Event - Past BGM)

Spy Overlander: (Grins) "Right on target.."

(He begins to get reloads his sniper and focus on the target then the guard saws the spy/sniper at upstairs.)

Guard #2: (worried) "Oh no, he's going to kill our king, I must stop him before he does.."

(And so he runs upstairs.)

Spy Overlander: (grins) "Bye, bye Jaguar king.."

(Then the guard pushes the spy off the stairs.)

Spy Overlander: "OOF!"

(And then Elise and Duke of Sloenna heard and guard quickly tells Duke.)

Duke of Solenna: "What was that? (He asked)

Guard #2: "You're majesty we have got a spy in our castle."

Duke of Solenna: "What!?, have you close the door and who was a spy?"  

Guard: "We forgot to closed it right after the visitors came and it's some kinda of human.."

Dark: (thinking) "This means it must be the Overlander.."

Duke of Solenna: "Well, sent the guard in I want him out!"

Guard #2: "Yes sir!"

(And so he runs and calls another guards.)

Scott: "That can't be good.."

Kiara: "I know right, I want to kick someone else's butt!"

Dark: "Karia, calm down.." ^^;

(He looks at Duke of Solenna.)

Dark: "Don't you worry your majesty, me and my team will deal with the spy."

Duke of Solenna: "Would you?"

Dark: "Yeah, we are very capable of fighting besides we fight Overlanders before."

Nicole: "Indeed, not to mentioned despite we not really freedom fighters, we can still fight back."

Duke of Solenna: "That's good, take my daughter with you if you do and Elise.. (He hugs her) Be careful."

Elise: (smiles) "I will daddy." (she said as she hugs him back.)

Dark: "Alright then, let's go Team Feline!"

(And so they leave the dining room and heading to the hall while Duke of Solenna stays put.)

(At the hall..)

(Sonic Advance 3: Boss Theme (Long version) BGM)

(The spy is getting up and he was about to run away but suddenly the nanines grabs and throws him at the wall as Team feline appears.)

Dark: "You not are going anyway!"

Spy: "Oh I'm cat boy!"

(Then the Overlanders appears as they breaking though windows

Spy: "Overlanders, blast these felines out!"

(Overlanders then getting their weapons and preding to fight them.)

Dark: "Alright guys, you know the d   ."

Kiara: "We sure do Dark!"

Dark: "Good, now let's do to it!

Nicole/Kiara/Scott/Jessica/Elise: "Right!

(And so they began to fight with the Overlanders while the spy runs off.)

(Elise kicks and slams the Overlanders.)

Overlander #1: "OOF!"

(Then another Overlander charges at her with his chainsaw.)

Overlander #2: "You wanna try some of this?!"

Elise: "Sorry, I don't like chainsaws."

(She's punched him in the face and then slams him into the ground.)

Overlander #2: "OOF!"

(Another Overlanders are about to attack him from behind, but she jump kicks at them, then she uppercut and blocks their attacks, she also doing a roundhouse kick to knock them out.)

Overlanders: "OOF!"

(Overlander runs after Kiara as she uses her super speed.)

Kiara: (Stick her tongue out.) "Catch me if you can asshole!

Overlander: "Grr.. get back here you blasted cheetah!

Kiara: "Hahahaha!" =D

(Overlanders are still chase her until they getting tired and then Karia kicks them in their afterwards.)

Overlanders: "AGH!"

Kiara: (smirking) "Ah, how's that for fighting huh?"

(Dark slashes the Overlander's guns with his blades and then kicks them off the castle.)

Overlanders: (Scream) "AGH!"

(Another Overlander then tries to punch him but he blocks it and head butts him.)

Overlander #4: "OOF!"

(Scott and Jessica using their energy powers to make a powerful punches and kicks, Scott then punch the Overlander in the chin.)

Scott: "Shoryuken!"

Overlander: "OOF!"

(Jessica punches another one on the left.)

Overlander: "OOF!"

(Nicole blocks by her Nanite shied while she's fighting, However big Overlander was about to crush her with his bare hands but Dark pounces on him and then .)

Nicole: "Thanks."

Dark: "No Problem."

(Nicole then saws the spy was escapes the castle.)

Nicole: "Dark, he's going to leave the castle, after him!"

Dark: "Relax Nicole, I'll deal with him." ;)

Nicole: "Alright, be careful though."

Dark: "I will."

(And so Dark runs after the spy while Nicole, Kiara, Scott and Jessica carry on fighting. Overlander Spy was turning left (which is where the front door is)

Overlander Spy: "Hahaha, so long sucker!."

Dark: "I'm right behind you know."

(However, Dark's appears right behind him thanks to his speed who he can able to catch up.)

Overlander Spy: "What!? How did you..?"

(Dark then pounces on him and grabs him and slashes into the floor.)

Dark: "Let's just say, you already know I'm a Khajjit douche bag." (He said as he punches him in the face.)

Overlander Spy: "OOF!"

Dark: "You are coming with me to the hall so the King's guards will arrest you."

Overlander Spy: "You won't.."

Dark: "Oh, yes you will asshole." (He said as he stanches his face.)

Overlander Spy: "Ow.."

(And so Dark takes the spy and head back to the hall.)


(Sonic 4: Main Menu BGM)

(Nicole, Scott, Jessica and Elise are now marrged to defeat all the Overlanders.)

Kiara: "Whoo, alright we defeat these creeps!" =D

Scott: "I know, we did it =D

Elise: "So that's what Overlanders looked like, I can see that.."

(Then guards appear along with king and Dark has got a spy just in time.)

Dark: "I got him guys." (He asked)

Duke of Solenna: "Good job Dark, now guards take this spy into the   ."

Guards: "Very well your majesty."

Overlander Spy: "What!? no, no, NO!"

(And so the two guards are arrests the Overlander spy and taking him into a deeper dungeon.)

Dark: "We got that out of the way, so where are we again?

Nicole: "Uh, having a discussing about Elise could join our team?"

Dark: "Oh yeah, I forgot." ^^;

Nicole/Kiara: (giggles)

Dark: (chuckles)

(Duke and Solenna smiled at her daughter (Elise)

Duke of Solenna: (smiles) "I'm very proud of you Elise."

Princess Elise: (smiles) "Aw, thanks daddy." (She smiled as she hugs him)

(He then hugs her back.)

Dark/Nicole/Scott/Jessica/Kiara: "Aw..."

Duke of Solenna: (smiles) And now you can now join with Dark's team." :)

Princess Elise: "Awesome, thanks father." :)

(She hugs him again.)

Duke of Solenna: (smiles)

(Elise then turns around and faces with Dark while he skakes Elise's hand.)

Dark: "Princess Elise, welcome to Team feline." =D

Elise: "Aw, thanks guys." =D

Dark Cat Chronicles Season 1 Episode 6
(Sorry if this story was rushed I was trying yo get this done as soon as possbile so.. sorry) ^^;

Dark Cat The Khajjit (c) 1misteraaron (me)

Nicole/Princess Elise (c) SEGA/Sonic Team/Archie Comics

Scott/Kiara/Jessica & Princess Elise's appearance (c) :iconmixedfan8643:
I was featured by :iconmastergamer20: 

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1) :iconmastergamer20: - For doing a cute fanart of DarkxNicole and also Kiara! =D

AT: Team Feline Boom Style by mastergamer20PC: Two Kisses for Dark by mastergamer20AT: Double Date by mastergamer20AT: Lynx Family by mastergamer20Christmas Gift for Aaron by mastergamer20PC: Dark x Nicole by mastergamer20
AT: Battle in Space by mastergamer20 AT: Team Feline meets Team Lilac by mastergamer20RQ: Prince Dark and Princess Nicole by mastergamer20AT: Dark x Nicole underwater by mastergamer20AT: Dark and Kaira Painting by mastergamer20Team Feline vs Ken Penders by mastergamer20Birthday Gift for Aaron (2014) by mastergamer20

2) :iconmixedfan8643: - For doing a cute looking couples he came up with :)

 Marion and her handsome soldier boy by Mixedfan8643Wilson and Mandy in wedding attire by Mixedfan8643Kissing under the mistletoe by Mixedfan8643Bunny Love by Mixedfan8643Valentine's Pic 2: Scott and Jessica by Mixedfan8643Chun-Nan's lovebirds by Mixedfan8643Love in the Water by Mixedfan8643
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RQ: Tucker Evans by DarkCatTheKhajjit
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DarkCatTheKhajjit's Profile Picture
Aaron Weyl
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Dark Cat the Khajiit/Lynx
*Name: Dark Cat (Dinciis is his real name)

*Nickname: Vampire Lynx-Cat, Poison Cat Lynx Boy (called by Nicole and Sonic) and Saber Tooth Khajiit

*Age: 29 (has the appearance of a 18 year old)

* Relatives: Mother: Elizabeth Morrio Depo. Father: Wolfen Weyl

*D.O.B: Riji's hurt (Khajiit Camp)

*Colors of eyes: Gold Yellow with his cat - like pupil on left while blue right eye.

*Species: Half-Lynx and Half Khajiit (70% Khajjit, 94% Lynx)

*Favorite food: Any types of meat, any favors of tea, Latte, Scones, Milk, and Vegetables apart from broccoli and onions.

* Color of fur: Cocoa Brown with Black Leopard like Spots all over his body and tail.

* Outfit description: Black suit with red warrior boots on his feet.


* Height 170 cm

* Weight: 59 kg

*Personality: Is very nicest, quiet, lightest and strongest of all Khajiit family, he's smart and he's really helpful when it comes to his mother and his girlfriend Nicole and rest of the freedom fighters as well.

*Abilities: his got has blade swords and he also uses his attack called Shadow Claw, bite someone's necks (like a cat) and also he can suck someone's blood like a Vampire and turn everyone turn into dust with poison and fast speed like a cheetah.

*Likes: drawing pictures, spending and hang out with Nicole, eat animal's prey & training for fighting with Nicole.

*Dis-Likes: Trolls (when everyone starts to hate him much like Nicole did in the comics)

*Weaknesses: potato snacks and lost his teeth.

*Accent: Canadian/English

*Language spoken: English/German/Irish

*Other languages known: Spanish/German

* Sexuality: straight

* Style of speaking: soft, nice and more Charming.

* Current residence: Khothole Village (1995 - 2013) Alicante, Spain (2013 - Present)

* Birth country: Roi's Hurt (Canada)

*Profile: he was a very last member of all Khajjit Family, he was born in the Khajiit Camp called Roi's hurt (such was later got destroy by the Overlanders right after Dark and his parents leave the camp) his mother was a native Canadian Khajjit (Chipewyan) where his father was a English (with his German & Marx descent) he was born with his Diamond of blood thanks to shadow group called Nosferatu Shadows built it, (when he was young) he keeps transformed most of the time, his father named Wolfern Weyl and his mother Elizabeth had no choice but to move the city called Old Mobotrpolis because it's much more safer than Roi's Hurt, then Overlanders and Khajjits are against each other the war was called Khajiit War such is right before the Great War, 2 years later after Dark and his parents leaving and ran away from the Overlanders, Wolfern become a Solider of King Max and Elizabeth become a nurse working with Doctor Quack not only she looks after Dark's danger but also she healing Mobians for their injured.

However during Dr. Ivo Robotink conquered Old Mobotrpolis his father got killed by the Swatbots and Dark and his mother have move out to Village called Khonhole along with Sonic, Tails, Nicole, Sally, Rotor, Antione & Rosie, 18 years later at Dark's hut, Dark was tidying up his bedroom and he find out his father left of his 2 blade sword then Dark Cat puts it on and then blade swords attachment his arms and become a strong and dangerous of all the freedom fighters along side with Bunnie.

Requests Open Stamp by izka197

Art Trades Closed Stamp by izka197

Point Commissions Open Stamp by izka197

My best friends.


My favorite artist is :icondinofelizc: :iconsilveralchemist09: :iconmartz-9o: :iconsky-the-echidna:

British stamp by Bourbons3
Northern Ireland Flag Stamp by l8
British Accent Stamp by Zibby-Doodles

I also like Sly Copper/Sonic and I'm a Nicole Fanboy & I'm come from Northern Ireland in that case you don't know but my father was English while my mother is Northern Irish ;) :)

Sly Cooper Stamp by Ryxedieos Sonic + Sally - Support Stamp by Bound-For-Freedom Ratchet and Clank Stamp by nakashimariku
SonSal Stamp by Mystix-Candy Nicole Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Sonic SatAm Stamp by seashellby I Love Sally Stamp By CTCN by LlawlietVemo
Sonally True Love Stamp by daisykart Fiona Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Tails Stamp by Abbu1STAMPS i support PlayStation stamp by AHMED-ART
DA Fanfic Writer by Wearwolfaa Fanfiction by deadrabbit13 A Mouse Artist Stamp by nirman Sally Acorn Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki
Proud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Digital artist stamp by WhiteKimahri Tails Stamp by ChibiCreamPuff Tails TFOS - Stamp by LinkMasterXP
Tails the Fox Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Classic Tails stamp by MeglifKaddy Archie Sonic #134 screwed-up Sally Stamp by Vertekins Sonic saTAM over Sonic X by YDLuna
SonicxSally Stamp by neoncat Stamp - I love Green Tea by r0se-designs I Heart Tea Stamp by croaky I love Lynx by WishmasterAlchemist I love Bobcats by WishmasterAlchemist I love Sand Cats by WishmasterAlchemist I HATE Disney Channel :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Stamp: Pendercaust by Jammerlee
Cat Love Stamp by cloudrat Iberian Lynx by Stamp-Factory I love King Cheetahs by WishmasterAlchemist My Lupe fan stamp. by Rock-Raider
I love African Wildcats by WishmasterAlchemist I love Servals by WishmasterAlchemist I love Tigers by WishmasterAlchemist Support Ian stamp by NinjaHaku21 Archie StH Stamp 037 by TheRosePrince Bunnie Rabbot Stamp by Cha0zGallAnT Skyrim Khajiit Stamp by WeirdHyena Support Ian stamp by NinjaHaku21
Protect Sally and Sonal stamp by Soraply11 satAm Sally and Archie Sally by YDLuna SatAM: Season 3 stamp by Gojira007 Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
tails stamp by Winterfires Sir Charles Stamp by AllesiaTheHedge Buntoine Fan Stamp by Nikki-Nicole-P Manina Stamp by GeoffreyHammy16
Sonic and Tails Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Taismo Stamp by SonicHearts Sonally Fan Stamp by SparklesTheStarFox Taiona Stamp by TaionaFan369 Loco for the Loco stamp by Stumm47
:thumb215044404: Tails x nicole stamp by ColleenekatStamps Tails and Nicole Stamp by Wankers-Cramp ScourgeXFiona is overrated by AlexTheHedgeLynx Bruce Springsteen stamp by McKillface Steampunk Stamp by StampMakerLKJ
Funny Kiss Stamp by Vertekins Mobius by DreamBex Archie StH Stamp 027 by TheRosePrince Blaze the Cat by NoNamepje Phil Collins - Stamp by Lady-AnnJoanne Bryan Adams Stamp 2 by Raephen
CosmoxTails Stamp by LinkMasterXP Bunnie Archie Comics - Stamp by LinkMasterXP Tailsmo Stamp by GeoffreyHammy16 Tails X nicole stamp by ColleenekatStamps Stamp: Sally and Amy BOTH... by Jammerlee I Love The 70s by SpyHunterStamps SonicXSally is underrated by AlexTheHedgeLynx Antoine Fan Stamp by Jerard-Kal Peter Gabriel by ChibiKinesis Lion King stamp by Lora-Pedigree
Anti-Sonic reboot Stamp by FelixFan9000 Tails Stamp by JetProwerTheFox DeviantART Love Stamp by stamp-album KATY PERRY SUCKS by propertyofkat Aleona Stamp by Kooldude333 Garfield by housewave I HATE Disney Channel :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Recoloring Is Not Art -Stamp by AdventureIslands WlisonxMandy Stamp by DarkCatTheKhajjit Lion King Fan Button by Kyuubi-DemonFox It's for his own good by AClockworkKitten The Who Stamp by MallettePagano1
TailsxCosmo Stamp by DEIDARA7CHAN Sonaze Fan by VTK-Stamps Anti Cyberbullying Stamp by jlj16 Scourge fan stamp by NatouMJSonic Anti Knuxouge Stamp by Mephilez Sonally Stamp by Victoria-The-Bunnie Blaze is not a Mary Sue Stamp by Vertekins Shard Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Stamp: Pendercaust by Jammerlee Fawlty Towers Fan | Button by Howie62 I love Caracals by WishmasterAlchemist Pro Archie and Satam by YDLuna Lilac Sitting Stamp by raygirldash11 Anti-Sonic Boom Stamp by toni987
Sick of Haters Stamp by MyStamps Pink Panther by TigerStarcatcher Dariara fan stamp by DarkCatTheKhajjit Band: KISS by TheStampKing Scotessica Stamp by DarkCatTheKhajjit Tom and Jerry stamp by allivegotarerainbows Margay Stamp by Aquene-lupetta I will miss the old universe sonic by ColleenekatStamps Sonic Archie Comics Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker Alex Rider Stamp by FakeWings18 Save the Amur Leopard by Hafr
I support REAL Music. by Yaoi-SasuNaru-Love The Who by chrisbouchard Coldplay Stamp by extraordi-mary Rolling Stones Stamp by KelpyKrad Bunnie Rabbot Fan Button (Requested) by Super-Hedgehog Genesis Stamp by Giga-man Sonaze Stamp by SurferChick1311 Nicole The AI Fan - Stamp Practise by Lullaby-Scraps
Stamp: Aerosmith by no-more-refills AC-DC Animated Stamp 9 by dA--bogeyman Iron Maiden Stamp by soxadoodle Anti Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Stamp by da-stamps-45212

Favourite Sonic the Hedgehog love couples:

:iconsonicthehedgehogplz:, :iconsallyacornplz: and :iconblazethecatplz:
:icontailsplz:, :iconcosmotheseedrianplz:, :iconfionathefoxplz:
:iconknucklesplz: :iconshadetheechidnaplz: and :iconjulie-suplz:
:iconshadowthehedgehogplz: and :iconrougethebatplz:
:iconantoineplz: and :iconbunnierabbotplz:

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